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MEM Flooring, Inc

How We Do It

First, we begin by using only premium products used in the application of chosen finishes. It doesn't make sense to us to have liabilities because we chose a cheap product only to enhance profits. We think it better to enhance profits by having so much work because we have left a legacy of quality jobs, still performing well, behind us.

Next we hire only the best installers with the experience needed to easily handle any challenge handed over. Very few are able to keep pace with the demands that MEM Flooring places on its craftsmen. Our standards are high, our tolerance is low. With ongoing training and education we look to set ourselves apart from the pack.

We hire only people that have proven themselves mature enough to handle the riggers of the commercial construction industry. Some days, it's just not very fun and one has to do what one has to do. Very few people can excel in such a highly demanding, competitive environment. We love it, and would not want it any other way.