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MEM Flooring, Inc

Who We Are

In 2000, MEM Flooring humbly began in Orlando with dreams of developing a company servicing many construction sectors and clients. This was no easy undertaking and many sacrifices were made to make the dream a reality. Today, MEM Flooring is one of the most reputable commercial flooring contractors in Central Florida. We have clients all over, stretching from Orlando to Tampa to Ft. Lauderdale and throughout the SE Region.

MEM Flooring believes in keeping things simple and giving our clients the "no headache" experience. If you have built something before you know that "headache" subcontractor and probably wondered if they were worth the contract written. We know what we are doing and we pride ourselves in an effort to complete our scope of work skillfully. Done right, done once.

We don't advertise or boast about our quality of work for it seems those that do have the most problems. We just live it and quality is merely a manifestation of our core philosophy, "Promise and deliver".